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Phone: (716) 939-1369

I can typically get back to you within a few (but no more than 24) hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mei tai, and how do I pronounce it?
A mei tai is an Asian-inspired baby carrier that is, in its most basic form, a rectangle of fabric with straps attached. It is used to hold a toddler or infant close to the wearer's body, which has been shown to have multiple benefits, such as reducing fussiness, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging interaction.

Its English pronounciation is "may tie," which is derived from the Chinese term for "carrying straps."

What is MeiTaiCarrier.Com LLC?
MTC was established in March of 2005 by Holly Lowe, a (then) single work-at-home-mom (WAHM) who was looking to pass her love of baby-wearing on to others with style, comfort, and affordability. She's moved on to making delicious treats over at Pipeline Confections.

Who are you?
My name is Nisha, and I'm a WAHM of four wonderful children aged 3 through 7. I've been sewing and making baby carriers for myself and others for several years, and believe not only in the benefits of baby-wearing, but also in Holly's vision of providing beautiful, comfortable, and affordable mei tais to everyone.

When will my carrier ship/arrive?
In stock carriers will ship next business day. Custom orders will ship within two (2) weeks unless noted on the NEWS page. Carriers are mailed via USPS Priority Mail, insured with Delivery Confirmation, and typically arrive between two and three business days from Buffalo, NY.

How heavy a child can I wear?
Thirty-five (35) pounds is the typical upper limit for a mei tai, though it is strong enough to hold a heavier child. However, never carry more weight than is personally comfortable for you.

Can an MTC My Size doll carrier be used to hold a real baby?
Absolutely not. Doll carriers are intended for child play only, and are not designed for use with a human baby.

My carrier got dirty! Can I wash it?
Except when noted, yes! The best way to wash your mei tai is to place it in a lingerie bag or pin up the straps, wash it in your machine with cold water a little bit of detergent, and then either hang it to dry or tumble dry it on low heat. Iron out any creases, and you're ready to go!

What is your return policy?
If you are unhappy with your carrier, please follow these steps:

1) Contact me! Customer satisfaction is my highest priority, so get in touch with me immediately so that we can fix the problem. All returns require pre-authorization.

2) If a carrier has arrived to you with any flaws (customization error, problem with stitching, etc.), it must be returned within seven (7) business days. You can either a) have me fix the error and return the carrier to you, or b) receive a full refund. You will be responsible for return shipping.

3) If you wish to return the carrier for any other reason, you must do so within fourteen (14) business days. The cost of the carrier itself will be refunded, but you will be responsible for shipping both ways.

All carrier returns must be in new, unwashed condition. "Second Quality" carriers (returns, irregularities) will have their flaws fully described beforehand, and are therefore sold as-is. Please ask any questions that you may have before you purchase. I want to make sure you are completely happy with your carrier!

Is MeiTaiCarrier.Com LLC CPSIA/ATSM compliant?
MTC is a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, and is working with them to ensure that our products conform to all safety and registration requirements. We are compliant with Sections 103 and 104 of the CPSIA as of January, 2011.

I got charged sales tax on my order! Why?
Meitaicarrier.Com LLC is a legal entity registered on federal, state, and county levels, and is required by law to collect 8.75% tax on all sales within New York State. Trust me, I don't like charging it any more than you like paying it, but there are severe penalties when the State doesn't get their cut. ;-)

Do you have any disclaimers?
I do not sell anything that I wouldn't put my own children in. However, please remember that your child's safety is ultimately YOUR responsibility. Inspect your carrier often, and do not use it if any rips, tears, or open seams are found. The best way to test your carrier is to pull or yank at all points where the straps meet the body. If you feel any give at all, DO NOT USE IT.

Exercise extreme caution when putting your baby into your mei tai the first few times. Use a "spotter" until you are comfortable using the carrier by yourself, and be sure to thoroughly read through the Wearing Tutorials provided here and with your carrier so that you understand how each carry is done properly.

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