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Wearing Tutorials

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Tips and Tricks

* On your carrier, the shoulder straps (top) will be the long ones and the waist straps (bottom) will be the short ones.

* The higher and tighter you wear your baby the less weight you will feel.

* Give yourself a BOUNCE! while pulling on your shoulder straps to bring the baby as close to you as possible.

* Always wear newborns with the straps tied or crossed behind their back. NEVER tie under their butt, as this leaves the sides open.

* If your small baby does not like hiding her head while awake, or if your toddler prefers her arms free, shorten the body by folding the bottom of the carrier once or twice before tying on the waist straps.

* The waist straps can be tied on either apron style (letting it hang straight down while you tie) or not (letting it hang, but folding the bottom edge towards you once before you tie). Apron style will create a "pocket" once you bring the carrier up that is useful for smaller babies, whereas the non-apron style keeps the body length long for older children.

Tying Variations

* Twist the straps twice behind baby's back (effectively ending up with the same strap in each hand that you started with). Bring the straps under baby's legs and tie behind your back.

* Cross the shoulder straps across your baby's back, pull tightly, bring the straps around to your back and tie. This tie is ideal for newborns because it closes the sides of the carrier.

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