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7/6/12: WE'RE MOVING!!! And that means super-big deals FOR YOU!

My family is moving to a new house soon, which means that Meitaicarrier.Com LLC is moving, too! What better way to celebrate that than to having a moving sale??

From now through the month of July, MTC No Frills, Basic, and Deluxe carriers are ON SALE, with a huge 25% off discount! Sorry, no other carriers will be discounted during this time. :-(

Certain colors and fabrics are starting to run low, so if you have your eye on one in particular, make sure you grab it quickly. And who knows?? I may even toss in a little "extra" for you! ;-)

As always, thank you for supporting Work-At-Home Moms!!


6/3/11: MEITAICARRIER.COM LLC IS GOING GREEN! Come see the changes!

I hate waste, and try to eliminate it from my life as much as possible. So it's really no surprise that Meitaicarrier.Com LLC is now going to be following suit! Here's a brief rundown of the changes being made at MTC specifically to help the environment:

* The cost of solid No Frills carriers is coming back down! See how!
* Want a way to store your carrier? Try a recycled twill carrying bag!
* What do repurposed fabric scraps and your house keys have in common?

1) An increase in textile costs recently caused an increase in my carrier prices. The brunt of the increase went into the solid No Frills carriers because they use the most amount of twill. Since I wanted to keep the cost of those carriers way down, this has bothered me significantly. Happily, in hunting down sources of less expensive reinforcing fabric, I stumbled upon a seller of recycled cotton twill: bottomweight fabric that was used in the process of non-chemically conditioning other fabrics, and then was wastefully thrown away. I've taken on a huge stock of this material, re-laundered it, and checked it for durability. Since this recycled twill is much less expensive than virgin twill, I will begin using it for the inner reinforcement layer of the No Frills line of carriers. This will allow me to drop their cost BACK DOWN to $30! (Note: Solid carriers with full virgin twill will remain a purchase option at the premium price.)

2) Since the pieces of twill I'll be recycling leave me with remnants that aren't big enough to use in a full carrier, the leftovers will now go into making storage bags for your mei tai! These bags will feature snap closures, a carrying strap, and quick-fold instructions for your mei tai for only $2!

3) While I typically make pretty good usage of the fabric that goes into making carriers, there are still times when I'll end up with small pieces of fabric (both twill and print) that really aren't big enough to use even in quilting. Since I'm constantly looking for ways to reuse things, and with the help of the awesome people at Spoonflower.Com, I've taken my scraps of fabric and used them to create and stuff keychains made with specially-printed MTC fabric! Carry your keys in style for only $1!

I hope that you're all as excited about these changes as I am! And there's still more to come! I know that some of you have been waiting eagerly for the MTC Mini doll carriers and the spiffy new Design Gallery. Trust me; they're still on the way!

Have a great weekend!

5/12/11: You may have heard in the news lately that textile costs have risen significantly over the last 12 months. Up until now, I've been able to avoid it. However, with my most recent order of twill, I will have to put through a slight increase in carrier costs. I really hate having to do so, but I hope you all understand. :(

4/5/11: It seems that people have been having trouble getting in touch with me by phone through my provider (Google Voice). The situation should be fixed now, so feel free to call me if you need to!

2/22/11: NEW FABRICS!!! Click on "Carrier Information" to see all the new print options that just came in!

2/14/11: LOVE IS IN THE AIR! This week only (from February 14th through the 18th), I am offering up custom slots for both the MTC Basic and the MTC Deluxe, with FREE SHIPPING! Strap color, print fabric, and customizations are all yours for the choosing! Visit the colors and fabrics pages to see what's new for 2011, and include your options when you checkout at HyenaCart. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

1/30/11: This just in! There was a package waiting outside my door on Friday. A brand new print, hand-picked by my husband, just for you babywearing dads! Click on the thumbnail for the gorgeous details!

The print is called Nico Spice by Richloom Studio. This will replace the (sadly) out of print "Jason Circles" that Holly used to offer. I hope you're excited as I am to get your special guy into these new carriers!

1/3/11: Happy New Year!! Welcome to the relaunch of babywearing with MTC! Here is a sneak peek at some of what will be coming in the next few months:
  • Custom slots: I look forward to helping you make you dream carrier come to life!
  • Wrap shoulders: Especially for those who like a more wrap-like feel to their carriers.
  • MTC Minis: Doll carriers for boys and girls! When available, you will be able to have one made to match your own carrier!

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