Back Carry, Seated

Using a couch or armed chair, place the
carrier print side down in one corner.

Center the child on the carrier and bring
the bottom edge up between the legs.

Sit down with your back to the child, centering yourself
so that the child's legs are straddling your back.

Bring the waist strap around to your front and knot it tightly.

Reaching behind you, grasp and pull each shoulder strap over your
shoulders, making sure the carrier comes up behind the child's back.

Holding on tightly to the straps, go from a seated to a standing position.

Bounce and pull on the straps until the child is securely
lowered into the carrier and close against your back.

Bring the straps under your arms, behind you,
and double-twist them at the child's back.

Bring the remainder of the straps under the
child's legs and back around to your front.

Make a tight knot, then secure any remaining shoulder strap.

Go forth and babywear!

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